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Open Source Solution

Searching for a software solution that can do exactly what you want? Choosing a proprietary solution is a common route to take, but this most often than not, bores a hole in your pocket owing to the expensive licenses and support agreements that need to be paid for while also thrusting in features that are simply not needed for your purpose. All spent and done, yet you neither get to own your software, nor do you have a choice from paying the heavy maintenance costs.

Go opensource and explore the endless options in the market to get exactly what you want -- nothing more nothing less and continually improve your solutions to take you through the changing times. The build of softwares tried, tested and ever improved through the collective inputs of an enthusiastic community has been made possible thanks to "opensource". Not only this, you no longer have to pay for the license and get to enjoy the enhancements brought in by the community from time to time.

Zorus has worked extensively on building customized solutions in opensource for our clients. Our efforts culminate in making it a delight for businesses to try out and benefit from various opensource technologies. Not only are this, our R&D constantly focussed on developing newer solutions and strongly contributing back to the opensource community with our own innovations and out of the box ideas.

Some of the common technologies that we work on are:

»  OpenERP Customization

»  Vtiger Customization

»  Joomla Website Development

»  Wordpress Development

»  Drupal Development

»  E-commerce Development : Magento/CS Cart