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Enterprise Mobility Platform

Zorus have its own core enterprise mobility platform that can be used by enterprises to strategically extend their enterprise applications to mobiles. The platform provides a rich and flexible suite of components which aids in rapid development, deployment and management of enterprise applications on leading mobile platforms. The platform is enriched with Data synchronization , Device management and Application development platforms.

The key components of the platform include:

Application Development Platform

A wizard driven application development environment integrates in Visual Studio and Eclipse platform will aids rapid development of mobile applications for a wide range of mobile device types, classes and operating systems. The platform supports back end integration with packages solutions like Siebel as well as to enterprise third party services.

Device Management Solution

A solution for deploying multi-platform mobile applications to mobile devices deployed across various geographic locations and management of those deployed applications. It provides an administrative console to deploy and manage applications and data on a wide set of mobile device types and classes with means to ensure data security and data integrity with optimal usage of network bandwidth. The solution facilitates policy management, user management, system management and provides analytical reports on usage patterns and real time usage statistics.

Data Synchronization Solution

A push/pull based data synchronization solution which can work on most of the enterprise data sources.

App Store

App Store module enables enterprises to deploy and manage multi-platform mobile applications as an enterprise appstore. The app store suite is apt for both enterprise deployments and for hosted service delivery of enterprise mobile apps for businesses that offers hosted mobility services for enterprise customers.